Camp Endres Getaway! 2017

  • September 15, 2017 - September 17, 2017
    5:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Why should kids have all the fun???

NOTE: If you are unable to attend the Camp Endres Getaway, but would like to sponsor a camper, please use the Sponsor a Camper link in the lower right hand corner.

Join us for the ultimate diabetes camping experience for the young at heart…  Camp Endres GETAWAY!

Did you attend diabetes camp as a kid? Did you ever want to attend diabetes camp, but didn’t?  Do you ever feel like you want to just get away from everyday life for a short period so you could give your diabetes the attention it deserves?

Are you in need of:

  • A diabetes camp reunion?
  • Diabetes Rehab?
  • A break from your boring diabetes routine?

If you are 19 years or older, join us at the ultimate place for young adults (and not so young adults) who have type 1 diabetes. It’s a Camp Endres Getaway!

  • Form new friendships and bonds with others who share similar life experiences,
  • Talk with people who “get it” and “get you.” You know what I’m sayin’.
  • Have questions that you are not sure who to ask? When it comes to diabetes, no topic will be off limits. Engage in open conversations and get answers to those questions you have been afraid to ask.
  • Have some fun and relax. Take a look at the lighter side of T1D. If you didn’t know there was a lighter side to T1D – Camp Endres Getaway is the get away you need!

Friday, September 15 – Sunday, September 17, 2017

Check in Friday between 5-6 pm
Check out 2:30 pm on Sunday

More details will be sent at a later time to registered participants.

Camp Endres Getaway! Questions & Answers

Q: Can I bring my family with me?

A: No. It’s camp….for people with type 1 diabetes (T1D)

Q:  Can I sign up early for education sessions?

A: No. It’s camp. We are going to have fun. The education you gain will be discussions you have with others while you are waiting your turn to get on a horse.

Q: Wait. Do I have to ride a horse; what if I don’t want to ride a horse?

A: No. It’s camp. Camp is supposed to be fun. We won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do.

Q: Will there be a lot of activity?

A: Yes. It’s camp. But this will not be a boot camp. Camp Endres Getaway will be appropriate for a wide range of fitness levels. However, this is a camp facility with mountainous terrain that requires independent mobility.

Q: How old is too old to attend Camp Endres Getaway!?

A: You are never too old to laugh, learn, have fun and feel like you are understood. If you have type 1 diabetes, you are never too old for a Camp Endres Getaway!

Registration Info

The 2 night reduced camper fee of $115 includes 6 meals, lodging for 2 nights, insulin, testing supplies and activities. The actual cost of this camp to DSOK is $185 per person. The subsidized camper fee is made possible through donations. Our goal is to allow all adults with type 1 diabetes, a low cost getaway that can easily fit into a any budget. Enrollment is limited.

Acceptance is on a first-come, first-serve basis. A $20 processing fee will be charged for any cancellations.  Camp fees are not refundable for cancellations within 72 hours of the start of registered camp.


The Camp Endres GETAWAY is held at the YMCA Camp Classen. If you have attended diabetes camp in the last 30 years, you probably have fond memories of this camp. Established in 1941. Camp Classen is located in the scenic Arbuckle mountains of south-central Oklahoma; YMCA Camp Classen is rich in beauty and history. The camp site is approximately 75 miles south of Oklahoma City, exit 51 near Davis, the Arbuckle Wildneress, and Turner Falls. Camp Classen hosts a mountain setting complete with a historic horse ranch, lakes, waterfalls and miles of hiking trails. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Alcohol, firearms and illegal/recreational drugs are prohibited.

Don’t miss out! Registration opens April 1st!

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