A1C Fund

Advancing 1’s Control with Advanced Diabetes Management Technology

The A1C Fund is a DSOK program that offers financial assistance to people interested in advancing their diabetes management knowledge, skills and use of current technology. Although many children and adults with type 1 diabetes are covered under an insurance plan, high co-payments, coinsurance and high deductibles make state-of-the-art diabetes management unaffordable.

Advanced diabetes management refers to advanced insulin delivery devices (AIDD) or insulin pump therapy (IPT) and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). These technologies are proven to be effective in improving diabetes control and reducing the A1C value; therefore, reducing the risk of potential long term complications associated with uncontrolled diabetes. Although these therapies are approved under most insurance policies, they are expensive and too often cost prohibitive for many people.

Long term control of diabetes is measured by a simple blood test called the A1C or glycosylated hemoglobin A1C. Used together, the A1C and frequent blood glucose monitoring are the best measurement tools available to help individuals with diabetes determine the effectiveness of their therapies. Thus, the A1C Fund is designed to assist people in obtaining advanced management tools, specifically advanced insulin delivery devices and continuous glucose monitors. This technology can improve their diabetes control as measured by the A1C and blood glucose monitoring.

The A1C Fund will provide funding for:

  • Assistance with the initial purchase of an advanced insulin delivery device or continuous glucose monitor.
  • Short-term assistance for the purchase of disposable supplies needed for the above advanced devices.

Our Long Term Goal

Diabetes Solution’s goal for the A1C Fund is to accumulate adequate funds to meet the needs of individuals who seek support for its intended purpose.

This program is in its infancy and has very limited funding at this time. However, to date, we have helped several people get the supplies they need.

For more information or to contribute to this fund please call (405) 843-4386 or, send your donation to:

Diabetes Solutions-OK, Inc.
3333 NW 63rd St., Suite 100
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
(405) 843-4386

Please make checks payable to Diabetes Solutions-OK, Inc. and identify donation in the Memo as “A1C Fund.”