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If you have already reached your deductible for the year, now might be a good time to consider advancing your diabetes management to CGM or pump therapy.”

Whether you have diabetes, are the parent of a child with diabetes, or someone interested in helping people with diabetes, we hope we can be of help to you.

Welcome to Diabetes Solutions. Currently there are many technology and medical advances, new discoveries, and future potential for people with diabetes. It seems as though the future for people with diabetes is bright. However, we know if you are affected by diabetes, you have concerns now. You are not sure what is going to happen today, let alone worry about tomorrow. For many, the future may not get here soon enough. Let Diabetes Solutions help.

The DSOK Mission

The DSOK Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people in Oklahoma who have diabetes and to reduce the incidence of diabetes and diabetes complications through education and behavioral research.

To learn more about how we help those with diabetes, visit our About section.

Event Registration

Event Registration

There are many ways for you to register for our outstanding programs. Here is how you can get started:

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