Camp Endres Day Camp 2020

June 1-5

$125 - scholarships available

Memorial Road Church of Christ, Edmond OK

Why we exist.

We know that being a child with T1D or a sibling of someone with T1D doesn't always allow for the same experiences as other kids. At Camp Endres Day Camp we believe that every kid should be able to go to a summer camp regardless of the disease that they deal with on a daily basis. Starting connections with others that are facing the same struggles will help build strong bonds in the future and create a better sense of confidence in our campers.


What we do.

At Camp Endres Day Camp we provide a fun atmosphere that not only fosters learning and growth in T1D management and knowledge but also allows kids to experience friendships with others that are going through the same things they are. We provide daily education on a level that is age appropriate, fun activities that get them moving and exciting crafts they will get to take home to remember their awesome week at Camp Endres. If you would like more information on what we do here, email


Goals of Camp Endres Day Camp

The goals of Camp Endres Day Camp are to:

  • Increase campers’ knowledge of diabetes by providing a healthy and mentally stimulating education program in combination with recreational fun.
  • Improve campers’ diabetes management problem solving skills and abilities through hands on activities.
  • Increase campers’ self esteem, confidence and facilitate increased independence by offering the opportunity to meet others with diabetes and share life experiences.
  • Promote appropriate emotional and physical growth and development of campers that will continue long after the camp experience ends.
  • Create a sense of living well with diabetes for all members of the family.