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Camp Endres Senior

Welcome! We are so glad you are considering becoming part of the Camp Endres family. Whether you are new to our camp or you are becoming a regular part of the scenery, Camp Endres is here to ignite the flame of your camping spirit.

Camp Endres is a summer camp for children and teens with diabetes. Kids like to come to Camp Endres because of the many fun activities we have planned for them – swimming, horseback riding, archery, boating, hiking, fishing, climbing The Wall and playing capture the flag, just to name a few. But Camp Endres is more than just fun and games.

By increasing the exposure of these children and teens to diabetes education, disease management training and socialization with others who share similar experiences living with diabetes, campers with diabetes can live a happy and healthy life.

Campers of all ages not only learn from their own problem solving methods, but they watch other campers problem solve with counselors and medical staff. They learn from their own situations as well as from others. Camp Endres is a truly life changing experience.


When is Camp Endres Senior?

Camp Endres Senior takes place from June 29 to July 5.

What age is Camp Endres Senior for?

Campers range from ages 14 to 18.

Where is Camp Endres Senior?

Camp is located at Central Oklahoma Camping and Conference Center in Guthrie, OK.

How much does Camp Endres Senior cost?

The amount we charge campers is $675. We never want inability to pay be the reason your child cannot come to camp, there are scholarships available for those who qualify.

Camp Endres Senior