Camp Endres Spring Fling 2022

April 8 - 10

$150 - schaolarships available

Camp Classen - Davis OK

Why we exist.

We know that being a teenager is hard and adding type 1 diabetes into the mix makes it even harder. Did you know that when teens with T1D hang out with other teens with T1D their overall glucose control tends to improve? We know that teens are influenced by their peers and when positive influence surrounds them, diabetes becomes less of a burden. We exist to educate, encourage and empower our campers with the tools to live life to the fullest all while being independent.


What we do.

At the Camp Endres Spring Fling, we allow our campers to practice their independence with their T1D management while being monitored by a team of healthcare professionals. Our campers choose the activities they wish to go to and are encouraged to make decisions on their own. Our counselors ensure that every camper is safe when they are with us and are having the best experience possible. If you would like more information on what we do here, please email