T1D Awards

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Supported by Lilly Diabetes and INTEGRIS Health – Awards are presented to those living with type 1 diabetes 10 years or longer.

To register, email tracy@dsok.net or call (405) 843-4386

If you live with type 1 diabetes, you know there is little reward in the constant reminder of daily glucose monitoring, counting carbs, giving insulin, worrying about the future and the constant comments and questions that are well intended, but very annoying. You may have heard one, or all, of these:

  • “Ohhh. You take insulin? I’m sooo sorry. You must have the bad kind of diabetes.” Is there is good kind?
  • “Should you be eating that?” questioning every action that you make
  • “You’ve got it really bad, don’t you??” as if you were dying… right now
  • “You can eat SUGAR??? My aunt has diabetes and she can’t eat sugar.”
  • “Well… you’re not fat. What did YOU do to get your diabetes?” How does a person respond politely to this?
  • “Your blood sugar is high? What did you do WRONG?” Countless things. Where do I begin?
  • “If you would just eat right, you would be fine.” Yeah, I am sure that would do it. Thank you.

Facing these kinds of comments day in and day out gets very tiring. When faced regularly with what seems like constant insults, people can begin to feel very discouraged, isolated, ashamed and angry. Resentment towards having diabetes can build and once that begins, motivation for appropriate diabetes care can be significantly reduced.

Wouldn’t it be nice to simply hear someone say, “Good job juggling diabetes with your life! Keep up the hard work!”

Let DSOK say to you, GOOD JOB at our annual T1D Awards presentation. We are not celebrating the fact that you have diabetes, we are celebrating the idea that DESPITE diabetes, you live your life and you succeed!

The T1D Awards is an opportunity for you to stand proud and feel confident. Even though you are not perfect, as none of us are, you can be recognized for all of your efforts.

If you have had type 1 diabetes (T1D) for 10 years or longer, we would like to help you celebrate your life, despite diabetes, by presenting you, with the special Lilly Journey Award metal engraved with your name and an achievement certificate issued by Diabetes Solutions of Oklahoma.

The Lilly Journey Award Overview:

  • The Lilly Diabetes Journey Awards program, formerly known as LillyforLife, celebrates the significant journeys made by people living with type 1 diabetes for 10, 25, 50, and 75 years.
  • Since the program’s inception in 1975, Lilly has presented thousands of medals to people with diabetes.
  • Qualifying type 1 individuals in the United States receive an elegant award that is beautifully engraved with their name to celebrate the important milestones of managing their insulin therapy.
  • In addition to the medal, recipients also receive a letter signed by the Chief Executive Officer of Eli Lilly and Company, John Lechleiter.
  • Recipients of the 75-year medal are invited to have their name added to a monument at the Lilly Corporate Center in Indianapolis.